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Pastel Artist 

“I approach my work with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

I want to learn, to grow, to challenge myself. To that end I will 

push limits, break a few rules, try new techniques. I think the 

animating force of my work is color. Drawing provides the bones 

and framework, but to enhance the color, I play with values and 

complements, layering and underpainting to approximate reality 

in an impressionistic way.”

Spring Barnyard

Elaine Alfoldy watercolour

Coming Home

Andy Alfoldy watercolour


Watercolour Artists

We opened the original Alfoldy Gallery in 1982, along Kootenay Lake. Since 2001 it has been in Erickson, 5 minutes east of Creston on Highway 3 in a little house at 3917 Highway 3.  We enjoy painting while at the gallery. Interesting visitors have come by over the years letting us know about their lives while we paint or just stop and listen.

The Gallery is open by appointment or by chance.

                               Phone 250 428 7473 [our home]

                                                          or                                                                        250 428 0688 [ the gallery when we are there]

We are happy to have your visit so be in touch.


Glass and Textile Artist

Sarah Miller is a self-taught glass artist living in West Creston, BC. When she's not in her studio playing with glass, she is likely working in her garden, thinking about playing with glass.  She has recently begun to explore the world of art quilts.



Mixed Media Artist

A Mixed Media artist, taking art classes in the US and Canada for the past 20 years, Beth has immersed herself in her own discovery and practice. 

Beth sees her Art Barn Studio as a space for everyone to access, no matter what challenges they face.


Watercolour Artist

I love creating colourful, beautiful art that brings joy into our homes and happiness into our hearts. I believe art is meant to be shared with others and I choose to do so in a joyous and lighthearted way.


Multi Media Artist

"For me art is mostly about having fun while creating and if my art gives people joy, evokes memories or just delights them – that is the icing on the cake! Although primarily a watercolour artist, I also work in acrylics, mixed media, paper quilling and pen & ink. I am continually exploring new techniques and styles. My subject matter ranges from realistic landscapes to straight abstract; imaginary scenes to fantasy and still-life. I also enjoy teaching different media in either private lessons or group classes. For the last few years I have been introducing people to art through my Watercolour Painting Parties. My in-home Mellowood Gallery is open year round in Wynndel, just 10 minutes north of Creston on Hyw 3A. 5570 Cory Rd. Wynndel, phone: 250 866-5772


Watercolour Artist

In warmer months I like to paint in Plein Air. This brings me close to nature and I try to put those feelings into my work. In the winter, I do more detailed work and watercolor and acrylic abstracts.



Alcohol Ink Artist

Hailing from the far reaches of southwest Hungary, Ildiko has been painting since the early 1980s.

She moved to Creston several years ago, but it was only in the last few years that she discovered alcohol inks. She fell in love with the range of colours and movement, and is looking forward to further developing her style in the medium.


Oil Paint Artist

Born in Namibia, Africa Jenny's paintings are always about colour and the enticing fragrances of fruits, flowers, damp forests and the smell of rain.

Jenny's inspirations come from an inner feeling whisking her away on a wonderful Journey of beauty and peace.

F R Lino  Sunflower.jpg

Hans Lachmann

Graphic Art

"I spent a great deal of time on drawing to obtain an understanding of the relationship between line and plane and of light and dark. Most of my work undergoes a fair period of preparation. This includes composition and simplification via drawings. I make extensive use of photography which I use as memory support for my work. Thereafter preparation of the printing plate which can be either linoleum, wood or metal. The printing option suits me most because it is so well suited to a linear approach and simplification. The second reason for printing is that small editions of artwork can be produced which allows original art to be available to art lovers at affordable prices. I hope that my work brings a little more happiness, understanding and appreciation of the beauty of our little world into the lives of people. And that at last we begin to understand that life in our incomprehensible large universe is very very rare and that we have to treat all life with the utmost respect."


















The Creston Valley artists behind the annual Images Art Show & Sale, this group consists of:

Andy and Elaine Alfoldy

Laura Leeder

Jim and Howard Smith

Eileen Gidman

Sarah Miller

Ute Bachinski

Jenny Steenkamp

Guest Artist: Andrea Revoy

While the annual show has been postponed indefinitely, Images Art Group seeks out opportunities for showing their work, which consists of watercolours, oils, acrylics, photography, pottery and glasswork.















An annual self guided tour of some interesting artist studios in the Creston Valley.


Paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, Silk Fashions, Photography, Quilts, Stained Glass, Papier Mache, Knit and Crochet, Fibre, Felting, artists:

Jim and Howard Smith

Carol Schloss

Laura Leeder

Andy and Elaine Alfoldy

Ute Bachinski

Ann Miller

Warren and Emily Clark

Andrea Revoy

Karen Arrowsmith

Anne Fetterley




The Tilted Brick is a non-profit gallery that offers exhibition and other presentation opportunities to professional contemporary artists at any stage of their career, and connects the local community with new artwork in a welcoming environment.  

"We value art as a conversation starter, as an opportunity to share in a new perspective, and as an invitation to a deepened understanding of our common humanity.  We value the context of the non-profit formal gallery space as a venue where artists can share their work in ways they would choose for themselves, without the constraint of market considerations or restrictive conditions.  We value the art-viewing audience as participants in the thoughtful exchange that makes contemporary art vital, relevant, and impactful in the broader community."

Please email for more information.


Creston's Miniature Art Gallery

Creston's newest, and definitely smallest, art gallery is located outside the Art Barn Studio at 805, 25th Avenue South.

The Gallery is open every day (weather permitting) from 10 am to 6 pm.


If variety is the spice of life, then Val van der Poel is living life to its fullest though her art. She works in watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil, and mixed media. Her subject matter is varied as well, including flowers, landscapes, still-lifes, birds, animals, and even the occasional abstract. When working with acrylic, Val will try almost any surface from rocks to fabric. Size and style vary to meet almost any interest and any pocketbook.

Val's studio and gallery, Mellowood Studio, is found at the end of a lane which winds through a cedar forest. Two converted bedrooms make for an airy, bright and roomy studio in the west wing of a rambling country home. A separate entrance opens into the gallery and studio area. Spend some time looking at the art and watching the artist wrestle with her latest creation—there are often two or more projects underway at one time. And if you have an extra half hour to spare, you can always try your hand at a simple watercolor or acrylic!

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