Opportunities for Artists

Opportunities for Artists

Whose Land Is It Anyway? A Manual for Decolonization

This is a very powerful and imporant work which may help inform your work in the arts, culture and heritage sector. It was forwarded to me by Duff Sutherland, SCFA.

Reconciliation Canada is also a great resource for further information, programs, workshops and speakers: ReconciliationCanada.ca

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As part of a commitment to implement the TRC recommendations FPSE has produced, Whose Land is it Anyway? A Manual for Decolonization. The manual was also inspired by the work and activism of the indigenous leader, Arthur Manuel. You may remember that Arthur Manuel spoke at the college a couple of years ago as part of FPSE/SCFA Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee's speaker series.

The manual consists of short articles by mostly indigenous writers about the profoundly destructive impact of colonialism on their own lives and the lives of their families and communities. There are articles about the effect of being dispossessed from traditional lands, the regime of the Indian Act, schooling of children, the treaty process, the suppression of indigenous law, culture and world view, and missing and murdered indigenous women. There are also articles about resurgence and resistance, and the pathway to reconciliation through decolonization.

The manual concludes with Justice Murray Sinclair's 2017 convocation speech at TRU's Law School in which he tells graduates that, "you have to believe that doing something about this history is the right thing to do and you have to be fearless in doing what you can."

The cover includes a quotation from Arthur Manuel, "wishing you a wonderful experience decolonizing yourself." There was laughter about that at the official launch of the manual at Emily Carr University in March.

The manual is 78 pages long; I read it in an evening. To me it provides good context for discussions about indigenization, decolonization, and reconciliation.


Call For Graphic Artists

The Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is seeking original poster and logo designs for its Gran Fondo event planned for September, 2019

For further information, contact the Gran Fondo Planning Committee Chair Mark Wolfe at 250-254-5770 or westword@telus.net, or Joanna Wilson at joannaw@telus.net.

Deadline for submissions is July 15.

"Gran Fondo" is Italian for "the big ride," and the Chamber is looking to promote Creston, along with the Okanagan and Cranbrook, as one of the premiere Gran Fondo events in western Canada. The Creston Gran Fondo ride routes will take in Canyon-Lister, Arrow mountain and the lake road as far as just south of Gray Creek.

Two primary design components are required — a poster and a logo -- and possibly they could be integrated into one comprehensive design approach:

Poster image — with the following elements:

Foreground: fields/farms/valley

Midground: rolling hills and lake

Background: mountains

Also, likely midground: an Osprey in flight, likely over the lake; a key element is a road that winds its way from foreground imagery to running alongside the lake in the midground. Road must be prominent, as this after all is a road biking event. One or more riders on bicycles need also to be included — likely as part of the road imagery (and possibly also in the logo text, see note on this further below)

The desired general design approach is simple lines and solid colours (more summery than fall), so that it can be readily rendered into T-shirts, website and, again, possible as part of the final logo design itself.

Logo type — designers should/can elect to play with two strings of text in the logo (whether stand-alone or as also incorporating the poster image):

String A

Creston Valley/Kootenay Lake
September, 2019

String B

Kootenay Lake
Creston, BC • September 2019

In string B, both of 'Kootenay Lake' and 'Creston, BC • September 2019' need to be strong elements, graphically for the 'Kootenay Lake' (see next point) and through use of bold, heavy and/or black variants of the san serif font chosen).

There is also the opportunity graphically, and designers should strive in some variants they produce, to incorporate a bicycle image into the two 'o's in 'Kootenay' (the bike's wheels).

This is a design competition with the winner eligible for an award to be determined by the Gran Fondo planning committee, plus full recognition and acknowledgement in digital and printed media.

For further information, contact the Gran Fondo Planning Committee Chair Mark Wolfe at 250-254-5770 or westword@telus.net, or Joanna Wilson at joannaw@telus.net. Digital design submissions can be forwarded by email but hard copy concepts/designs also much appreciated.

Deadline for submissions is July 15.

Creative Spark Columbia Basin grants

Small projects can have a big impact. Artists across all disciplines living and working in the Columbia Basin region who have an interest in working with young people in an arts-based capacity are invited to apply for Creative Spark Columbia Basin grants. These grants offer 100% coverage for projects up to $1,000. Don't delay, the deadline to apply is June 30, 2018. Learn more at https://artstarts.com/creativespark

Columbia Basin Trust Arts Venue Grant

Time to Upgrade Your Arts and Culture Venue?

If your organization is looking to make capital improvements to an arts and culture venue, this grant program may be for you. Eligible applicants include registered non-profits, public organizations, local governments and Indigenous organizations within the Columbia Basin Trust region. The next grant intake will open on April 26, 2018.

The deadline to apply is September 13, 2018.


The Artist's Journal - complimentary issue and a request for your support.

Artist Journal

The Artist's Journal has been in publication since 1997. Over the years, it has become known to many Arts Councils, art groups, and organizations. The Artist's Journal is on their "media mailing list" and receives their news regularly. This makes The Artist's Journal the most concentrated source of Calls for Entry in BC and a valuable source for artists who paint or draw. They can spend less time seeking places to exhibit their work and more time at their easels.

If you paint or draw and want to sell your work, subscribe here!

Click Here To View Past Issues

Sunshine Coast Arts Council News

Sunshine Coast Arts Council News

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is a volunteer-based society founded February 22, 1966 to raise the profile of local artists and artisans. Our mandate: to broaden the opportunities for the citizens, artists and artisans of the Sunshine Coast to enjoy and participate in local cultural activities. Over the years the Sunshine Coast Arts Council has been a vital resource for the artistic and cultural life of the Sunshine Coast community.

Click Here For Sunshine Coast Arts Council's Upcoming Events and Opportunities.

Nelson Chamber of Commerce/ Visitor Centre

We are currently looking for artists to showcase their work in our Nelson Chamber of Commerce/ Visitor Centre building. We do ask to view the work previous to our approval with a completed attached application form. For any work sold we do take a 30% commission. We have a 3 month rotation of art work and our next rotation start is March 1st. Interested artists can contact us via email or by phone at 250 352 3433.

Denise Mc Innes
Visitor Centre Counsellor
Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Centre
91 Baker St.
250 352 3433

Indigenous artists in BC working in all disciplines

Indigenous artists in BC working in all disciplines—visual arts, music, dance, theatre, storytelling and more—are invited to apply to take part in the Arts Integration Learning Lab: Indigenous Artists Edition, a learning series designed to identify the complex relationship between education and decolonization through the perspectives of Indigenous artists.

This event is presented by ArtStarts in Schools, a charitable organization that seeks to expand the role of arts in education for the benefit of BC's young people. For this learning series, ArtStarts has partnered with IndigenEYEZ, a creative facilitation organization with a focus on strengthening four essential relationships—with self, with others, with nature and with culture—through an Indigenous lens.

The cost for artists selected to participate is fully subsidized, covering tuition, program materials and lunch. A limited number of travel and accommodation grants are also available. This opportunity is made possible through funding support from BC Arts Council and the Government of British Columbia's Creative Futures program.

You can learn more at http://artstarts.com/aill-indigenous or get in touch with Elfred Matining, Program Manager, at 604-336-0626 ext 106 or infusion@artstarts.com

Donate to the Creston Valley Arts Council

Help the Creston Valley Arts Council provide services in the arts and culture sectors of our community. Your donations will be very much appreciated.

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