As per covid-19 regulations, all vendors will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Product Policy 
All items must be handcrafted by you, your immediate family or your group. The artist/designer/creator must be present at the show. Only products indicated on the show contract will be allowed at the show. For example, applicants whose main product category is jewelry may not sell fibre art products unless noted on application. 
Body Products Policy 
All body care products must be labelled according to Health Canada standards. 
Specialty Foods 
Please have available at your booth a copy of current Food Safe certificate.  You may need to present it to the health inspector. Any vendor selling food not produced in a health certified kitchen will be required to post a sign stating so.   
Product Request for Art Market Raffle
Last year, and previous years, the gift basket raffle was and continues to be a real success! Thank you for your contributions.  This year we will do the same and create gift baskets with your creations. It is not mandatory but, we ask that all vendors contribute a piece of merchandise or product sample that is identified to help promote your business. Your donations will be assembled in attractive baskets and raffled during the Market. Your samples will be collected the morning of the Market. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
Cancellation Policy 
No refunds are provided without 2 week written or email notification. A partial refund may be issued provided the booth can be filled and is at the discretion of the Arts Council board. 

Parking Policy 
We ask that all vendors load in and out of the hall via the upper east doorways and not through the main lobby entrance. (See table location map) This will keep the stairway and main entrance free of congestion and cause less interruption with the Rec Centre customers. Any vendors who are located in the lower lobby can load/unload through main entrance but we ask you please park around the rear of the building. 
Loading, unloading, hours & booth space 
The market sale day is on Saturday November 20, from 9am – 4pm. 
Set up for the vendors is Friday November 19, 4pm-9pm, and/or Saturday November 20, 6:30 to 9am.   You must be set up before 9am.  Take down is on Saturday from 4 and 8pm.  Please do not take down your booth before 4pm. All tables, display stands and product must stay within your allotted booth space.  Table skirting will be provided by the Arts Council, please do not remove it.  You are responsible for covering the top of your table with a tablecloth.  

The doors to the Market will be locked on Friday night at 10 pm and open again at 6:30 the day of the show.  Please cover your table with a cloth or sheet after you have set up.  There will be no additional security.